Consultation: Change to School Timings

Consultation: Change to School Timings

Dear Parents and Carers,

Consultation: Change to School Timings

I am writing to you as part of a consultation process to make changes to the school day. The changes and timescales are set out below. We would like to take on board your views, before putting in place any changes for September 2019.

In summary, the proposals seek to ensure:

An earlier finish time of 3.00pm, allowing more time at the end of the day for extra-curricular activities and revision sessions, but still allowing for students to get home at an appropriate time, and for staff to complete their other work, following these sessions
A shorter lunch, ensuring high standards of behaviour are maintained and students are more focused in the afternoon lesson
A finish time in line with other Learning Community Trust secondary schools, thus allowing greater joint staff professional development and collaboration opportunities

Proposed timings:
(images below)

In preparation for the consultation, we have undertaken monitoring of the current lunch service. This has shown all students to be through the canteen in the proposed new timescales. We do not envisage any issues in students accessing the dining hall and eating their lunch in the time permitted. We will continue with the current procedure of Year 7 students accessing the canteen 10 minutes earlier than other Year groups.

In discussion with the Local Authority, they have confirmed they would be able to bring forward the departure time of the school buses to our rural communities, to 3.20pm, to support the earlier finish time.

The consultation period is running from Monday 18th March to Friday 12th April 2019; the proposal is for the change to be implemented for September 2019. Any feedback on the proposal should be addressed to myself, either in writing, or via email to

I look forward to hearing any views you may have on the proposals.
Yours faithfully

Mr A McNaughton

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