Charlton School

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The Principal’s Summary of GCSE results for 2019


Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.


Our aim at Charlton is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which allows students to achieve qualifications in the core subjects, English and Mathematics; together with the suite of Ebaac subjects including Science, Geography, History, Modern Foreign languages and Computer Science. In addition, there are opportunities to gain qualifications in Technology, Expressive Arts, PE, Media Studies and ICT.

We would like to congratulate the class of 2019 on their outstanding achievement and progress in this year’s GCSE results.  We are proud that in previous years all students have been able to move on to relevant education, employment or training as a result of their outcomes at Charlton School; we are confident that this year’s student will have many options open to them.

We have seen a significant improvement in all measures for all sub-groups of students.

The 2019 cohort were the first pupils to sit the whole suite of reformed GCSEs with the grading system of 9-1 across all of their GCSE subjects, a number of students also sat vocational qualifications.

The data below is the unvalidated data provided by the DfE, we expect the data to be higher when the validated data is published in January due to requests for a number of students to be removed from the data set and due to a number of improved grades approved through reviews of marking with the exam boards.

The 2019 validated headline figures for Charlton School are as follows: (These results are from 2019 and are not current)

  • The percentage of students who achieved a Grade 5 pass in English (either Language or Literature) and Mathematics was 42%
  • The percentage of students who achieved a Grade 4 pass in English (either Language or Literature) and Mathematics was 64%
  • The average total Attainment 8 (A8) was 45.3
  • The Progress 8 (P8) score was -0.27
  • The average EBacc APS score per pupil was 4.3
  • The percentage of students entered for the Ebacc qualification was 74%
  • The percentage of students that stayed in education or entering employment was 95%

Our top performing twenty five students achieved on average a grade 7 (old A grade) in all of their subjects.  One student achieved a grade 9 in all her subjects, putting her in the top 700 students Nationally.  We equally saw impressive results across all of our ability ranges, our students with SEND made significant progress and achieved fantastic results.

We believe once the National performance data is published, students in the following subjects at Charlton School performed better on average than students in other schools with the same Key Stage 2 prior attainment.