Charlton School

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Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy and Appeals Arrangements 2020-21 262.5KB 13/09/2022
Anti Peer on Peer Abuse and Bullying Policy 197.8KB 13/09/2022
British Values Statement 2020 106.7KB 13/09/2022
Careers and Enterprise Policy 299.5KB 13/09/2022
Charging and Remissions Policy 207.2KB 13/09/2022
Complaints Procedure 317.7KB 13/09/2022
English as an Additional Language Policy 178.4KB 13/09/2022
Exclusion Policy 196.6KB 13/09/2022
First Aid Policy Including Adminstering Medicines to Chil... 374.0KB 13/09/2022
Health and Safety Policy Statement 381.2KB 13/09/2022
PSHEE and Character Development Curriculum Overview 320.8KB 13/09/2022
Pupil Premium Action Plan Review 2018-19 31.4KB 13/09/2022
Pupil Premium Action Plan Review 2019-20 27.6KB 13/09/2022
Pupil Premium Strategy 2019 362.7KB 13/09/2022
Pupil Premium Strategy 372.9KB 13/09/2022
Remote Learning Information 190.6KB 13/09/2022
Safer Recruitment Policy 291.6KB 13/09/2022
Speak Up / Whistleblowing Policy 87.3KB 13/09/2022
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Policy 408.7KB 13/09/2022
Year 7 Catch Up Premium 221.8KB 13/09/2022
Relationship and Sex Education Policy 338.5KB 13/09/2022
Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy 179.9KB 13/09/2022
PSHEE Policy (October 2021) 190.4KB 13/09/2022
Esafety Policy 1.1MB 13/09/2022
Behaviour for Learning Policy November 2021 1.4MB 13/09/2022
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2024 463.3KB 13/09/2022
Social Media Policy 237.8KB 13/09/2022
Equality Inclusion and Diversity Policy 156.5KB 13/09/2022
SEND Local Offer 2022 2.1MB 30/03/2022
Feedback Policy 1.4MB 13/09/2022
Homework Policy 135.1KB 13/09/2022
Equal Opportunities Charter - School employees 87.5KB 13/09/2022
Equality Policy 232.2KB 13/09/2022
Admissions Policy and Appeals Arrangements 2024_25 113.7KB 13/09/2022
Admissions Policy and Appeals Arrangements 2023_24 113.3KB 13/09/2022
Uniform Policy 2022-2023 756.4KB 13/09/2022
Policy for pupils with medical needs Charlton School 516.7KB 14/09/2022
Charlton SEND Policy 2022 251.0KB 14/09/2022
Accessibility Policy Charlton School 154.3KB 14/09/2022
Careers and Enterprise Policy June 2022 183.0KB 15/09/2022
Charlton School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy ... 601.0KB 26/09/2022