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At Charlton School we view homework as a tool to support and enhance student learning. Homework should support a student’s learning and prepare them to work independently. This encourages students to be organised and resilient, skills which are a vital part of the curriculum. Homework also allows parents to have an active role in their child’s education.

At Charlton School we believe homework should serve at least one of the following purposes: to consolidate learning from a specific lesson or topic, to prepare students for new learning or to independently reflect on their learning from a lesson or topic.

Homework will be set using the online platform, Doddle. The site can be accessed by students and parents/carers through

The Expectation

The frequency of homework will depend on the key stage. It is advised that:

  • For KS3 students 1 piece of homework will be set a fortnight for each subject area
  • For KS4 students 1 piece of homework will be set a week for each subject area

Revision as Homework

To prepare students for assessments, staff may ask students to revise as their homework.  Revision homework are designed to support students move core knowledge taught in lessons to their long-term memory. Revision based activities may include.

  1. Creating flash cards
  2. Creating mind maps
  3. Completing example exam questions
  4. Creating and using knowledge organisers
  5. Use of online platforms for quizzing


Watch the Videos below to help you with these techniques

Creating Flash Cards

How to create Mindmaps

Using Online Resources

Knowledge Organisers

Checking for Understanding

Self Quizzing

Cornell Notes


All students have now been issued with a letter regarding the Doddle Parent platform. 

With Doddle Parent you can :

  • View all homework tasks your child has been set, including when homework is due;
  • Access any resources your child has to complete for homework;
  • See all homework that has been handed in, including scores received for Doddle quizzes;
  • View a detailed overview of your child’s strengths, and specific curriculum points where they can improve;
  • Encourage independent learning as you know exactly what your child needs to work on; 
  • Have meaningful conversations about what your child has been learning at school.


You will need to create a parent account on Doddle to access your child’s information. To do this, please use the following link and use your email address to create and register your account. You will be prompted to link to your child using the 16 digit key in your letter.



Here are some useful Videos to get you started:

Support area url is here:

Parent section:

Student section:


Please contact the school if you have not received this information.