NEW Website dedicated to emotional help and wellbeing

NEW Website dedicated to emotional help and wellbeing


About Bee U

In consultation with children and young people, the service has been named Bee U. Bee U consists of 4 organisations (The Children’s Society, Kooth, Healios and South Staffordshire & Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) who deliver emotional health and wellbeing services across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.


Through our partner organisations we offer a wider range of services depending on how children, young people and their families choose to access services.


New drop-in and online services are available as well as Young People and Families Mental Health Service (previously CAMHS) to help you with;

• getting advice

• getting help

• getting more help

• getting risk support


What do we do?

Staff who work within the Bee U partnership are specially trained to talk with children and their families about problems they are having.


What’s on offer?

• To work with you and your family/carer to help to understand some of the difficulties you are having

• To help other people to help you

• To talk together to work out what support/therapy may be best for you


Why do children visit?

There are lots of reasons why children might visit the Bee U service. We usually see children who are worried, sad or angry, or have problems with their behaviour. Growing up can be stressful and you may feel lonely, frightened or feeling like nobody understands you. These problems are sometimes called emotional health and wellbeing or mental health problems.


When our bodies become unwell, we might go to the doctor for help. In the same way, when children and young people have problems with their mental health they might visit the Bee U Service for help.