Year 11 Updates for Lesson 6 Arrangements: Priority Lesson 6 (3.15pm to 4.15pm Monday to Friday)

Year 11 Updates for Lesson 6 Arrangements: Priority Lesson 6 (3.15pm to 4.15pm Monday to Friday)

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Year 11 Updates for Lesson 6 Arrangements: Priority Lesson 6 (3.15pm to 4.15pm Monday to Friday)

I write to inform you of updates regarding the support/intervention sessions which take place at the end of the school day (3.15pm to 4.15pm) referred to as Lesson 6. 

We are delighted to see the large number of Year 11 students, who alongside showing excellent commitment in lessons, are also now at a stage where they are making the most of additional sessions to further boost their progress.  To support this process, since September, many students have received a letter on a Friday which asks them to attend identified sessions the following week.  These students have been targeted by staff for booster work and have worked alongside students who have voluntarily attended.  This system has worked exceptionally well for those involved, with clear evidence of the gains which students have made as a result of attending.

Having spoken to students and staff in school, we are enhancing this provision by introducing what will be referred to as ‘Priority Lesson 6’.  This will be a compulsory afterschool session which students are expected to attend.  Staff in school are working hard to ensure that the activities planned are targeted and will add value for those students identified.  This model prioritises subjects on specific evenings, as identified on the table below:



Identified students will continue to receive letters which will be brought home on a Friday and will clearly show the ‘Priority Lesson 6’ they must attend.  Having spoken to students in school, many of whom already have mentors who work closely with them, we have communicated to students that these sessions are compulsory and attendance at them is part of a global target for all students to be able to access the Celebration Trip to be held at the end of March.  We are aware that for genuine reasons, some students may not be able to attend, but where this is the case students must speak to the staff concerned, prior to the day shown, to discuss the situation with agreements given.  If this does not happen and students simply do not attend, or agreement is not reached, then they will not have met the target to access the Celebration Trip.

We will also be working with students during morning registration where they will be asked to attend morning ‘Booster Sessions’.  If requested to attend, students will be asked to report straight to the identified member of staff in the location shown.  A timetable of these Booster sessions will be published every Friday of Week 2 and cover the following two week cycle.  This model will provide further additional support for all involved.

For most students these models will have no impact, as students are already responding well to the additional sessions being offered.  The aim is to ensure that all students understand the importance of this additional provision which is very much seen as a supportive model for all.

The system will start from next week to give students a week’s transition and then be fully in place after half term.

I would ask that you discuss these updates with your child and look forward to your support, to ensure that your child maximises their progress.

Yours faithfully

Mr L Tristham

Senior Deputy Headteacher

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