Winter Weather PE Kit Letter

Winter Weather PE Kit Letter

Dear Parents and Carers 

With the winter weather approaching, please can you support your child, to ensure they are fully clothed and equipped for their PE lessons. We want the students to continue enjoying their PE lessons during this period. It is compulsory that all students have a long sleeved Charlton PE top for all lessons. We also advise purchasing the Charlton PE jogging bottoms, along with suitable hats and gloves. Only Charlton PE kit is permitted for lessons and after schools clubs/fixtures.

Please could you also remind students which week it is and to remember their kit on the correct days. We are currently experiencing a high number of students forgetting PE kit, with the excuse they forgot which week it is. With the attempt to ensure that all students are actively engaged in their PE lessons, we will be issuing C2s (after school detentions) to students who use the excuse of not knowing which week it is.  

Thank you for your support.

PE Department