Charlton School

Please find all publications and policy amendmants relating to Covid-19. 

Filename Size Date
Parents Update 16.03.20 (002) LCT.pdf 251.2KB 07/08/2020
advice regarding trips 13032020.pdf 279.3KB 07/08/2020
Update for school trips abroad 13032020.pdf 211.4KB 07/08/2020
updated charlton letter from Principal 17032020[1].pdf 218.3KB 07/08/2020
Potential enforced school closure TRL 17032020[3].pdf 255.4KB 07/08/2020
WE cancelled 17032020 (002).pdf 71.7KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update from Dr Eatough 18.03.20.pdf 210.4KB 07/08/2020
Year 11 exams and Science mocks.pdf 185.1KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 19.03.20.pdf 217.7KB 07/08/2020
Key Worker Update 19.03.20.pdf 248.4KB 07/08/2020
Useful Educational Websites 2020.pdf 187.1KB 07/08/2020
Critical worker Update 20.03.20.pdf 275.7KB 07/08/2020
Letter from Principal 20032020.pdf 320.3KB 07/08/2020
Update_key worker and vulnerable students from Principal ... 242.2KB 07/08/2020
GCSE_update_24_3_20 from Principal.pdf 262.8KB 07/08/2020
Advice from A Wills and websites 25032020 (003) (002).pdf 290.3KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 27.03.20.pdf 233.2KB 07/08/2020
Post Easter Update 010420.pdf 410.9KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 03.04.20.pdf 341.9KB 07/08/2020
FSM Parent Update 14.04.20.pdf 233.9KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update17.04.20.docx 128.2KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 24.04.20.pdf 226.8KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 01052020.pdf 173.5KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 07052020.pdf 306.4KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 11.05.20.docx 127.5KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 20.05.20.pdf 179.6KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 22.05.20.pdf 217.9KB 07/08/2020
Letter Home Learning Update 04062020.pdf 257.4KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 05.06.20.pdf 197.8KB 07/08/2020
Policy Admendments
       Temporary Changes to Employees Privacy Notice.pdf 84.3KB 07/08/2020
       Child Protection Safeguarding Policy Covid-19 School Reop... 266.3KB 07/08/2020
       Temporary Changes to Employees Privacy Notice.pdf (1) 84.3KB 07/08/2020
       Risk Assesments
             Charlton Final Reopening Process - signed 5.6.2020.pdf 6.4MB 07/08/2020
             Addendum to First Aid Policy - Covid 19.pdf 162.4KB 07/08/2020
             Addendum to Behaviour for Learning Policy - Covid 19.pdf 159.5KB 07/08/2020
             LCT Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 versio... 353.2KB 07/08/2020
             LCT Infection Control Policy 20-21.pdf 460.2KB 07/08/2020
Letter to parents re opening 15th June 08062020.pdf 298.6KB 07/08/2020
Yr 10 face to face timetable_final.pdf 89.1KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 12.06.20.pdf 172.6KB 07/08/2020
Microsoft Teams guide for Students.pdf 273.5KB 07/08/2020
Live lesson student expectations.pdf 99.9KB 07/08/2020
Live lessons FAQ.pdf 147.8KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 19062020.pdf 213.8KB 07/08/2020
Principals Update letter to parents 25.06.2020.pdf 307.3KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 26.06.20.pdf 351.5KB 07/08/2020
DEW letter to parents 29062020.pdf 317.7KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 03.07.20.pdf 267.7KB 07/08/2020
RESULTSDAY 2020.pdf 280.6KB 07/08/2020
Parent Update 10072020.pdf 171.4KB 07/08/2020
Charlton_Secondary Reopening Plan September 2020_V2.pdf 517.4KB 07/08/2020
LCT Generic Risk Assessment for return to Schools autumn ... 388.4KB 07/08/2020
EndOfYearLetter.pdf 279.1KB 07/08/2020
2020 07 21 Home to School Transport Letter FINAL_Page_1.jpg 303.6KB 07/08/2020
2020 07 21 Home to School Transport Letter FINAL_Page_2.jpg 385.7KB 07/08/2020
2020 07 21 Home to School Transport Letter FINAL.pdf 420.1KB 07/08/2020