Charlton School


At Charlton we take pride in students’ progress, with learning at the heart of all we do. We know the importance of inspiring students to develop a thirst for learning, so our curriculum is broad, rich and matched to individuals’ needs.

Our emphasis on purposeful, relevant learning means that our students benefit from a range of visits, specialist teaching and extensive extra-curricular experiences. We aim for all our students to enjoy school, excel in their studies and attain outstanding outcomes.

Partnership with our local primary schools focuses on building on primary experiences and strengths, to ensure a continuous learning journey for all. Our students leave us having attained high standards whilst emphasising their personal development.

Partnership with our families and the wider community is really important to us, so that care, guidance and support systems are good and ensure that students who join the school at any stage are well supported.


Charlton’s Vision

Our aim is to provide an environment in which all students can succeed.


To do this we will:

  • Ensure that every member of our school community knows that we are committed to their care and support;
  • Encourage independence of thought and respect for each person’s uniqueness and needs in the development of their talents;
  • Encourage each member of the school to show respect for each other, our community and understand and develop their role as an active responsible citizen;
  • Ensure that students have a wide range of extending and enriching opportunities;
  • Ensure positive working conditions in which clearly stated standards of behaviour and courtesy are upheld;
  • Provide a clean, bright, safe and stimulating learning environment;
  • Celebrate and encourage success at all levels.


“The school is a safe place and students feel safe in school.  Students are polite, considerate and courteous.” (Ofsted 2015)


Charlton’s Values

At Charlton our ethos is built upon our three core values:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience

We expect all members of the Charlton community to exhibit these values at all times.

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