Charlton School

Our aim is to provide students arriving at Charlton, whatever their background, abilities, talents or interests, with a vibrant environment where learning is at the heart of all we do. We focus on students’ interests and natural desire to develop enquiry based thinking, ensuring that learning is in context with a real purpose. We aim to challenge students’ thinking to enable them to develop independence while taking ownership of their learning experiences.

Using the 5Rs: Resourcefulness, Reasoning, Resilience, Responsibility and Reflection, we develop students’ aptitudes and understanding to allow their creativity to be at the forefront of their development. Students are encouraged to evaluate and analyse their learning to maximise their progress and potential.

Our curriculum uses every opportunity within lessons and the general life of the school to explore and challenge students’ thinking. It is this commitment to learners’ growth and development which is at the centre of our schools’ ethos. We believe that these experiences allow students to follow the pathways of their choice in relation to career progression while ensuring enriching experiences on a daily basis.

To support learning, curriculum areas manage groupings of students in a variety of different ways. In some cases groups are set on ability, in others they are organised in mixed ability groups. No matter which approach is taken the focus is always to ensure appropriate challenge with a real emphasis on each individual’s learning journey. This journey provides opportunity for constant review and supportive feedback to ensure that all learners are acknowledged for the progress they have made and that they are clear as to their next steps in development.

Within everyone’s learning, we recognise the strength of partnership, taking PRIDE in the achievements of all. This PRIDE is promoted in all aspects of the work of the school and embedded within learning:

  • Pride in all that we do
  • Respect for ourselves, others and our environment
  • Involvement in our community
  • Determination to succeed
  • Excellence in learning and achievement.

Our aim is to maximise progress within a supportive curriculum which meets the needs of all; we look forward to sharing this journey with you.


In each year group students are placed into different groups based on a range of criteria.  The document below outlines these for each subject area and for each year group.


Revision Guides
The following document lists all the revision guides our curriculum areas currently use and recommend.  Most of these books can be purchased in school, which is cheaper than paying the recommended retail price.


Please note there are other publishers who provide revision guides for the same courses.  Before purchasing we suggest your child checks with their subject teacher if they are suitable.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant Curriculum Leaders.  All their email addresses are located here.