Charlton School

Work Experience Forms

We have launched work experience to year 9 in readiness for next year.  They have been advised to start researching where they would like to participate in a placement and where possible to contact the employer to secure a placement.

The placement will be for one week and all students are expected to participate.  It is a fantastic opportunity to provide the students with a taster of the world of work and provide them with valuable employability skills.

We are currently in a transition period between the software used to source placements.  All students are able to use the current database:   Once the new software has been launched, we will upload the students’ information. Please use the following log in details:

Username: Wex

Password: Workexp1!

The students are able to search for placements in particular sectors to obtain the contact details ready for the students to either email or telephone the employer.  It is the students’ responsibility to ensure their placement is confirmed by completing the forms below:

Page 1 – student and parent agreement

Page 2 – school use

Page 3 – employer to complete.

The completed forms must be returned to Mrs Soulby.

Filename Size Date
WEX Form Student Employer.pdf 95.0KB 14/07/2023
Initial Letter to Parents 2024 1.2MB 14/07/2023
WEX Form Student Employer 55.8KB 14/07/2023