Charlton School

Work Experience Forms

Further to my correspondence with you last term, the deadline for work experience is looming (26th January) Please would you support your child in securing a placement.  Work experience is a fantastic way for the students to experience the work place and hopefully support them with deciding which career they would like to pursue.

I have noticed that some of the students have secured a placement however they also need to request this placement via the MyTelford work experience database.  All students should have registered for an account with MyTelford, if they haven’t they can do so at this link:  here

They will then need to follow this link: to create their work experience account.  We have 185 students already signed up and actively using the database.  Please could you support your child in creating their account if they haven’t already.

To secure their placement, they will need to search for the company on the database, and then request the placement.  The request comes through to me to grant permission before the health and safety checks can be made.  Your child cannot attend their placement if the checks have not been carried out therefore it is essential this is completed as soon as possible. (please refer to the attached letter regarding deadlines)

If the business is not available on the website it can be added once they have confirmed you are able to do your work experience there, click on the ‘Add new business’. Submit the details and we will be able to perform all checks required.