Charlton School

ICT Provision Update

Reminder of the some of the ICT provisions we have in school to support you and our learners at home.

Dear Parent/Carer

As we move in to the Summer Term and the beginning of GCSE exam period, I would like to remind you of the some of the ICT provisions we have in school to support you and our learners at home.  

My Child At School

My Child At School [MCAS] is a portal enabling parents to view their child's academic performance in real-time via a web browser. This facility allows exclusive access to the child's Attendance, Assessment and Behaviour whenever the parent/carer wishes. As well as student performance data, the portal also provides general useful information about school such as the Academic Calendar and Announcements, to access your account visit the link below.


Doddle is our online homework platform, all students have log ins for Doddle, but you can also check on the work set with your own device.

  • View all homework tasks your child has been set, including when homework is due
  • Access any resources your child has to complete for homework
  • See all homework that has been handed in, including scores received for Doddle quizzes
  • View a detailed overview of your child’s strengths, and specific curriculum points where they can improve
  • Encourage independent learning as you know exactly what your child needs to work on
  • Have meaningful conversations about what your child has been learning at school

You will need to create a parent account on Doddle to access your child’s information. To do this, please use the following link and use your email address to create and register your account. You will be prompted to link to your child using the 16 digit key in your letter (sent at the start of the school year).


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a Web version of Microsoft's Office suite of productivity applications. 

Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your school email address. Your email is your account username followed by

‘’. For example, John Smith’s email would be


  1. Once you’ve entered this email, you will quickly be redirected to the school’s login page. The

email you entered will still be there, you just need to fill in the password field.

  1. Your password is the same as the one students log in with at school.


We have a wealth of information that supports our commitment to keeping children safe online that can be found on our website, we also deliver E-Safety through our PSHE Programme, as well as providing an E-Safety drop-in session on Mondays after school. To read more about E-safety visit the link below:


Our website is undergoing changes to make it mobile ready, but if you are viewing from a desktop or tablet, you can find all our up to date information, calendar events and news here:

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it even easier to access information as soon as it has been published. If you are not a user of social media the information shared is also emailed directly to you. We use our Facebook page for messaging and to celebrate our successes, Twitter is for quick updates and Instagram is ran by our Art & PE Departments.


PE Instagram:

Art Instagram:

Twitter Feed: @charlton_school

PE Fixtures Calendar

The PE Department have launched an online calendar of their upcoming fixtures to aid parents/carers with leave and return times. 

You can find the calendar here:

The link also views easily on a mobile device.

Password information

We recommend that password requirements follow the 8 x 4 rule which is:

8 Characters minimum length of which at least 1 lower case, 1 uppers case, 1 number and 1 special character.

Treat your password like your toothbrush… don’t let anybody else use it and get a new one at least every 3 months.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please contact or send a private message on Facebook. 

Yours faithfully

Miss K Littleford

ICT & Media Department