Charlton School

Our Peer Mentor team has grown from strength to strength over the years. These students offer a supportive network of carefully chosen individual,s who want give something back to Charlton School.
This team supports many students from Key Stage 3 mainly, who find Secondary School challenging. This can be anything from struggling to make the transition from Primary into Secondary, to struggling to make friends, to finding homework a challenge. These chosen students offer a friendly, supportive face and can be relied upon to be there, to help out when things become difficult. Something which students carry out in two ways - Tutor Group Mentors and also 1:1 mentors.
The team have also helped to support a local Primary School, to adapt their own 'Buddy System', through being ambassadors and role models. The students have helped to train the younger students, to understand about what it means to be a 'mentor'. Also what skills they needed to develop further, in order to be an effective 'Buddy'.