Charlton School

Communication for parents to advise of stepped-up measures

Communication for parents to advise of stepped-up measures

20th September 2021

Dear Parent / Carer


We have had a number of COVID-19 cases within the school recently which has triggered the need for what is known as ‘stepped-up measures’ to be implemented temporarily in order to try to control transmission across the school.  This decision has been taken in conjunction with and on the advice of the Health Protection Hub and follows the advice within the Government’s Contingency Framework for schools.


These measures are additional to the fundamental controls we already have in place covering issues such as ventilation, cleaning and handwashing.  The additional control measures have been designed to have minimal impact on your child’s education, and are as follows:


  • All staff and students to wear a face covering in all indoor areas (communal areas except when eating and in classrooms), by Wednesday 22ndSeptember.  Parents/carers to provide face coverings for their children.
  • All ICT equipment to be cleaned by students after personal use in school, by using anti-bacterial wipes.

We will continue to liaise with the Health Protection Hub and will advise you again when these controls are lifted, it is likely they will remain in place for an initial period of 10 days.  If cases continue to rise further measures may need to be implemented.


As a school we only have a limited supply of face coverings, please support us by providing one for your child daily from tomorrow where possible but Wednesday 22nd September at the latest.  This measure not only protects your child and our wider school community but also your families.


As always, please ensure you are vigilant for symptoms and if your child does display symptoms, please keep them off school and book them a COVID test using this link: Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK (


Please continue to test you child twice per week as a minimum or daily if you have been identified as a close contact. Additional test kit boxes are available from reception, and we will provide further tests to all students towards the end of the month.


Thank you for your ongoing support in this matter.


Yours faithfully

Mr A McNaughton