Charlton School

We are now in a position to distribute refunds for the Prom. Our Finance Department have managed to refund all Prom payments that have been made via Parent Pay so parents who paid this way can now log on to their Parent Pay account and withdraw the monies back on to their debit cards (see instructions below).


Anyone who had made payment by cash or cheque can collect their payments from Reception during the hours of 8.45am – 3.30pm from today.  These payments were not banked due to us being unsure if Prom would go ahead.


If you have paid by cheque and would be happy for our Finance Dept to dispose of it, can you please email and this can be done for you.


All cash payments will be in marked envelopes and parents will have to sign for their money on collection.


Kind regards


Mrs Berry

Senior Pastoral Manager



How to make a withdrawal from your Payer Account

Your Parent Account enables you to maintain a balance within ParentPay which speeds up the process of making payments for items such as dinners or trips.

There may be occasions where it is necessary to make a withdrawal from your Parent Account, such as when a high value school trip is refunded, or when you no longer have a child attending a ParentPay enabled school.


NOTE: This process only allows withdrawals of funds already in your Parent Account. Dinner payments or trip payments need to be refunded to your Parent Account by the school before it can be withdrawn.


Making a withdrawal

  1. Go to and log into your ParentPay account
  2. Navigate to Parent Account
  3. Your statement will then be displayed
  4. Select Withdraw from beneath the statement