Charlton School

When students join Charlton school, one of the exciting opportunities available is the completion of Extended Project Work

The aim of the project is for students to work independently over an extended period of time to complete a project which is linked to an area of interest to them.  Previously, examples of work completed include written reports, the production of 3D artefacts, video diaries, pieces of artwork, research into family history and reports on places of interests.

This opportunity provides students with the ability to work independently while helping them develop their skills for extended project work, as they progress towards their GCSE based subjects.  Feedback from previous years also outlines how projects have been used to support discussions in interview situations for work experience placements and Post 16 provision at the end of Year 11.  We know that many students in Years 10 and 11 have used information about their projects within their personal statements.

The project is compulsory for all Years 7 and optional for students in Year 8 and beyond, all of whom receive updates from their Form Tutors from the start of the project which is launched during each Autumn Term.  All projects are submitted to students’ Form Tutor, who feedback to students and then select projects to be showcased during an Extended Project celebration Evening at the end of the summer term, where certificates are awarded to nominated students.  All submissions will receive a certificate which forms part of students’ Record of Achievement.

For Year 7 students, completion of the project forms part of the criteria to access their Celebration Trip Day which takes place at the end of the summer term. 

We very much look forward to seeing students’ entries this year, knowing that many have already gained a huge amount from the experience.  Any questions regarding the projects should be directed to Form Tutors.

Please find below a video showing some of the previous projects completed, alongside the Assesment Criteria used by Form Tutors.