Charlton School

At the Charlton School in Wellington, it was back to normal this year with all students invited to attend to collect their results together.

Headteacher Andy McNaughton said: "With Covid measures being lifted and the students having missed out on so much already we thought it would be appropriate to allow students to come in at the same time to allow friends to celebrate together.
"We are so proud of our students and all they have achieved. They have worked incredibly hard in what has been a very disruptive time in education and I want to congratulate them for the resilience they have shown and thank parents and carers for the vital role they have played during periods of home learning.

"In partnership with our families Charlton staff have ensured that no student has been left behind and we hope that this years results will reflect the enormous effort of the whole school community."

Careers advisors were on hand to support students at Charlton as well as subject leaders and teaching staff. Mr McNaughton said.