Charlton School

Welcome to Charlton School

Our vision is to nurture happy, healthy young people who have the knowledge, academic achievement and strength of character to lead safe and successful lives in modern Britain; preparing them for their next steps in education or employment with a thirst for lifelong learning. The first stage of this journey is through our transition programme which guides students and their families through the change from primary to secondary education.

We know that many children will already be familiar with Charlton and may have taken part in joint activities through our primary outreach programme. Others will have visited us to watch the school production or perhaps even performed themselves at our summer music festival ‘Charltonbury’. For some children and families, this time may well mark their first real contact with the school.

Whatever journey children have followed to date, we are confident that our committed team of staff, carefully crafted transition programme and pastoral support will enable students to settle quickly so that they can enjoy the best of what Charlton has to offer.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.

We are proud to announce that of the Y7 parents surveyed after transition 100% Would recommend Charlton to another parent.

Parent feedback on transition 2019:

  • Charlton school transition program is first class and is way ahead of other schools.
  • I thought the transitional program was very good and helped us all to get an understanding of how things worked at a time when it is a great change to school life.
  • Feedback from our son: it’s been great!
  • I thoroughly recommend the transition programme. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the child to meet their future teachers and classmates whilst giving them a bit of confidence heading into their first term.


Summer School Feedback

  • Brilliant idea, well worth it. Great for confidence.
  • Just wanted to say a massive congratulations and thank you for summer school. Our daughter had a thoroughly fabulous week and despite first day nerves, had a marvellous time.
  • It was great value for money (something that you can't say often these days) and has really helped K feel more confident about starting Charlton. I truly appreciate the time the staff put in during their summer break.


Further feedback from Y7 parents

  • I think you do a great job; staff all seem so committed and happy to give their time to parents and children when needed. Keep up the good work.
  • I can log into to see what my child is up to at school. Open communication with the teachers is also very encouraging and I always feel happy to get in touch if there is an issue. Thanks!
  • J has transitioned fantastically and is enjoying Charlton School.
  • What a wonderful school, everyone seems so happy and relaxed.


We are committed to ensuring the very best provision for all our children and families.  Parents should use the school website or contact key staff with any enquiries or concerns. We promote a listen and respond culture. If you have any concerns, please let us know. We appreciate that parents and children may be nervous at this time of change and are confident that our experienced staff will be there to support you throughout the transition process.

Mr Simms (Head of Year 7)

Mrs Vickers (Assistant Head)



Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the Transition process, staff gather together any key questions children or parents/carers have.  As we work thorough the transition period we continually add to the list of those shown.  We would encourage parents to regularly review the site or alternatively contact key staff in school for clarification on any points of concern.

How do I arrange transport for my child?

Your child should be entitled to school transport if you live in the villages of Roden, Poynton, High Ercall, Walton, Cotwall, Osbaston, Ellerdine, Ellerdine Heath, Eyton upon the Weald Moors, Cold Hatton, Cold Hatton Heath, Waters Upton, Great Bolas, Bolas Heath, Shirlowe, Rodington Heath, Rodington, Rodway, Crudgington, Longdon-on–Tern, Kynnersley, Preston-upon-the-Weald-Moors, Wrockwardine and Walcot, encompassing parts of the civil parishes of Bolas Magna and Ercall Magna.  Please note transport is provided by the Local Authority not the school. All applications must be made online at:

Please note that applications can take 20 working days to process so please apply as soon as you can.

Towards the end of the summer holidays, the Transport Department should send you your child’s bus pass, along with details of pick up points and times. If the passes are not sent out to you by the end of the holidays, they will be sent directly to us, and we will make sure that these passes are handed out on the first day of term.


Does the school offer any private transport arrangements (shared taxi etc) for students who may travel in from out of catchment area where the route into school may involve a transfer of bus?

No, the school does not offer private transport arrangements. All transport requests are managed through Telford & Wrekin.  If a parent prefers to send their child to a school which is not the designated or nearest school for the home address the parent will assume provision of transport and associated costs. However, if such arrangements were appropriate and part of Telford and Wrekin provision, then we would do what we can to support.


My child will be receiving free school meals. What is the spend limit for the free school meal?

£2.40 which can be spent at lunchtime or breaktime (Best value is to buy a hot or cold meal deal). Tip: If students purchase a cold meal deal at break, they can save their sandwich and drink for lunch and have the snack at breaktime rather than buying items separately. 


Are parents able to access information about how groups are organised across the school?

This information is available on the school website. Subject areas do group in different ways, dependant on the nature of the course.  If you need any confirmation following September, then Curriculum Leaders contact details are also available for further information.  It should be noted that setting models may change, depending on the attainment profile of different cohorts of students.

At primary we have provision for children from 8.00am to 5.00pm, is there any similar provision available at Charlton?

The school canteen is open from 8.00am every morning, prior to the formal start of the school day at 8.45am.  Many students remain in school at the end of the day to attend clubs and activities, or work in the library area which is open until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday.


What is the start date in September for students?

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 is first day in school for students.


We are committed to ensure the very best provision for all of our children and families.  Parents should use the school website or contact key staff with any enquiries. 

At the heart of the transition period this is the support to ensure that children are safe and well supported in school and able to thrive as they develop.

We look forward to working with you.