Navy Pleated Skirts

To support the positive ethos of the school, from 4th September 2018, girls will be expected to wear knee-length pleated skirts, as shown on the attached uniform guide.

They can be purchased in store or online from a range of providers, including Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Matalan and Asda.  We are also working with Baker and Son, to provide the correct skirt.  They cost between £6.50 and £16.00.

Students who have recently purchased appropriate knee length skirts, will be allowed to wear them until they need replacing with the navy pleated skirt.  Girls are, of course, still able to wear navy, non-skinny trousers.

We continue to strive to raise expectations at Charlton School and hope you will be able to support us on this issue.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Pastoral Manager, or Mr Denfhy, Deputy Headteacher.


Uniform List  2019 - 2020

School Tie

The school tie incorporates the House Colours.

Sycamore – Red Stripes

Willow – Green Stripes

Birch – Yellow Stripes

Hawthorn – Blue Stripes

The tie should be worn with 5 double stripes visible or the width of a piece of A4 below the knot (approximately 21cm)


Years 7 - 11    Navy blazer with school crest in blue* (Compulsory)

Navy V-neck pullover with school crest*  (Optional - to be worn under the blazer)

 * Available with school logo from school supplier



Pale blue shirt (Years 7 - 10)

White shirt (Year 11)

Plain black trousers (not jeans)

Navy/grey socks

Plain black shoes (No trainers or canvas type shoes)

Plain blue/ black out-door coat  (no leather or denim)



Pale blue shirt - Rever collar is not allowed (Years 7 - 10)

White shirt - Rever collar is not allowed (Year 11)

Navy tailored trousers (not skinny trousers), or Navy skirt (knee-length pleated)

Navy or white socks OR black tights

Plain black flat walking shoes – Max. heel height 4cms.  Max Sole 2cms

Plain blue/ black out-door coat  (no leather or denim)

P.E. Kit


All items must be logo free.

Trainers may not be worn in School at anytime. They should not be worn to and from School.  A Doctor’s note is required for the wearing of Trainers for medical reasons.

Tip (Please see example below):

Traditional shoes have three or four eyelets, as opposed to leather trainers which tend to have five or more eyelets;

Trainers have a flat sole whereas shoes have a slight heel.







You can purchase the uniform including ties and the PE kit from Baker & Son in Wellington town centre or visit  www.bakerandsonschoolwear.co.uk.   

If in doubt about any aspect of school uniform, please consult the school before making a purchase.

We would also like to outline the following issues related to uniform and student appearance.

1. Students not participating in active P.E. lessons are still required to bring their P.E. kit with them to school. Alternative arrangements will be made for these students. Towels are required for showering - Please note that aerosol cans are not allowed on the premises, this means roll-on deodorants must be used instead of the spray variety. 
2. Students should not replace items of uniform with other fashion accessories, i.e. sweaters with hoodies, etc. 
3. Students with specific religious requirement regarding school uniform should agree details with their Pastoral Manager according to individual circumstances. Freedom to manifest a religion or belief does not mean the right to do so at any time, place or in any particular manner. We are clear that the needs of safety, security and effective teaching and learning are paramount. Examples of religious requirement might include the following – Muslim Head Scarf (dark blue or black), Sikh Kara, Jewish Kippah, Hindu Bindi. 
4. Students should take pride in their uniform and wear it correctly. Coats and other items should not be worn as a replacement of the blazer/jumper. 
5. Shoes should be plain black and logo free. Black trainers are not permitted. Shoes with Velcro fastenings are allowed. Slingback, boots, or clog type footwear are not permitted. Canvas type footwear is not appropriate, as during the winter months students’ feet become wet and uncomfortable throughout the day. This has resulted in a number of cases where students have had to contact parents to bring alternative footwear into school. 
6. The approved skirt is a navy knee length pleated design. This must not be tight fitting and the hem of the skirt must be on the knee. Trousers must be straight leg only. Skinny fit or tight trousers are not acceptable. 
7. For all students jewellery is not permitted. This reduces the possibility of loss and upset caused as a result of this. It is also to support Health and Safety in a range of areas, However, one small flat silver or gold stud earring to wear in one or both earlobes is permitted.
8. Cosmetics other than a discreet amount or mascara or foundation for girls should not be worn. Eyebrows should be natural and not tinted. 
9. Nail varnish and nail extensions are not allowed in school. Students are involved in many activities and again, nail extensions can cause injury. 
10. Excessive hairstyles, hair extensions or hair wraps, shaved patterns, panels or lines, non-natural hair colour and false eyelashes are not permitted. 
11. Any student whose appearance represents an extreme of fashion, as defined by the Principal, will be deemed to have isolated themselves from the school until their appearance is suitable. 
12. Breaches of uniform may constitute: (examples only) Incorrect footwear, Non regulation skirt or trousers, Shaved patterns or extreme hairstyles, Jewellery, new piercings, non-natural hair colour, bracelets or charity bands. For such breaches students will be deemed to have removed themselves from mainstream school until their appearance is deemed acceptable. For repeated instances the School Exclusion Policy may then be applied. 
13. Temporary breaches of uniform must be supported by a parental signed note. The note must also be countersigned by the student’s Pastoral Manager. This will count as a first instance. For a second instance in each half term students will be deemed to have removed themselves from mainstream school until their appearance is compliant. For repeated instances the School Exclusion Policy may then be applied. 
If there are persistent cases of uniform breach, then a student may be placed in the Behaviour Recovery Room or in another suitable location away from mainstream lessons depending on room availability. Possible reasons for not authorising permission may be as follows; forged note, deliberate attempt to deceive or violate the rules. There may be other reasons that will apply depending on particular circumstances. 
We thank you for your support in ensuring a consistent approach, which will hopefully support all children. 
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