Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development


SMSC in practice

(Full SMSC policy can be obtained from hsmith1@charlton.uk.com)

In Charlton School SMSC development is widely practiced within lessons. It is part of every Lesson Observation carried out. It is built into schemes of work and lesson plans. In addition it is supported in the following ways:

·      Weekly focus in form time supported by assemblies on set themes.

·      Weekly e-mail to tutors to include in tutor time informing them of significant religious            dates.

·      Significant days we celebrate and acknowledge, e.g.

o   Holocaust Memorial day

o   Black History month,

o   Remembrance & Harvest

·      Annual Events in school, e.g.

o   Christmas

o   Remembrance

o   Charlton Passion

·      Projects we carry out from time to time, e.g.

o   ‘Where we worship in Wellington’

o   Visitors and Speakers

o   Displays, temporary & permanent

·      Tracking procedures we carry out to ensure good coverage include:

o   Use of SMSC Grid to track etc.

o   360’ Tracking Surveys

o   School policies

Annual programme of Assemblies that follow a planned pattern of themes broadly modelled on the Christian year.

Weekly bulletin that includes PSHE and SMSC information for discussion in form tutor time.