Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Our Peer Mentor team at Charlton support with a tremendous passion for making sure our younger year students are settled in to life at Charlton School. This support ranges from the team being with students on a 1:1 basis, to members of the team being deployed with in specific Year 7 forms. This allows students to make a smooth transition from Primary in to Secondary School – a support which will naturally continues throughout the whole school year.

Furthermore the team take part in activities such as Charlton’s Annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. The cake donations for this are astounding year on year, as this event has grown. The team work together and make it a tremendous success for all involved- students staff and the wider community. We use this opportunity for our Year 7 parents to come along, about a month into their son/daughter’s life at Charlton and they are able to liaise with Mr Tristham about how the transition period has gone. It allows parents to have an informal meeting where any concerns can be spoken about and shared with other parents, over a multitude of different cakes produced by #Teamblue- our name for our Charlton Community. These are served with hot beverages too. We will be doing this again in 2018-2019.

Another link which the team have is with a local Primary School. We were asked to support them with their New Buddy System within School. A mini programme was put together by ourselves and our team were invited to introduce this to their team - what it means to be a Buddy? Students have taken part in the first session and as a School we have arranged another two sessions over the next academic year which allows the team to further support and build on previous work already completed. This is something which we would like to develop more as a team in the future.

Like we have done for the last few years- this being our third year, the team have decided that they want to raise more awareness of Autism. So the team are planning to create activities which the whole school will be able to participate in. They want to use their research about this condition, to make our school, Charlton, more aware of Autism. In the future we will expand this further, through looking in to other conditions which students at our School may be living with on a daily basis, to enable all students to be more mindful, considerate and supportive towards their peers.

Myself and Mrs Skelding are proud to be a part of our Peer Mentor Team. The students work so hard and achieve such a lot in a very short space of time. They are striving to make a difference her at Charlton and we look forward to this coming year with anticipation.