Ofsted Visit

Ofsted Visit

On the 8th and 9th March 2016, the school received its second monitoring visit from Ofsted. We are pleased to tell you that the resultant report concludes that “leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.” This is an important and welcome judgement that recognises the changes and improvements brought about by the hard work of all staff, students and parents.

A full copy of the monitoring report can be found below and will be published on the OFSTED website on Friday 15th April.  Below are some key extracts from the report:

There is now a clear, strategic vision for school improvement, together with a more robust understanding of the remaining weaknesses that need to be tackled and how this will be achieved.  This vision is being driven by the effective Interim Executive Board (IEB) and supported well by the Local Leader in Education (LLE) who are working closely with the Local Authority and the Department for Education to finalise plans to move to academy status from July.

The higher expectations of the quality of teaching and learning are now more securely established across the school and staff at all levels are responding positively.  The work done by leaders to tackle issues around planning has successfully refocused teachers on the requirement to plan appropriately for the needs of different groups and abilities.

Inspectors noted significant improvement in the quality of teaching over time in English and observed aspects of good practice in a number of other subjects, including history, science and physical education; the school needs to continue to make sure that such examples become more consistent across and within subject areas.

In books there was evidence of higher expectations of presentation and of pupils being required to correct errors and evidence of extended writing and effective written feedback from teachers which helped pupils to improve subsequent pieces of work.

New systems, policies and procedures for personal development, behaviour and welfare are leading to a far more consistent approach to managing behaviour around the school which is improving. 

The school’s records of pupils’ achievement show evidence that rates of progress are improving. There is clear evidence that the progress of pupils who have special educational needs or disability is improving in English and Mathematics across year groups.

The latest school assessment point showed that the current Year 11 are ahead of the 2015 cohort at this time of the year. The 2016 target for five GCSE grades at A* to C including English and Mathematics is challenging but leaders are confident that, as a result of targeted additional support, students will meet this target; the evidence seen by inspectors suggests that this is achievable.

We are pleased by the feedback given within the report, however we also recognise the work which still remains to be completed in response to the key development points identified.

We would like to thank all members of the school community for their hard work, dedication and continued support, to ensure the very best outcomes for all.  We will continue to keep you updated on progress and developments for Charlton School.

Yours faithfully

Mr Mike Briscoe                                    Mr Lee Tristham

Chair of the IEB                                      Headteacher


  1. Charlton School Monitoring Visit March 2016