Learning Community Trust

Learning Community Trust



To support us with our future development, Charlton School is in the process of converting to an academy with our chosen partner, Learning Community Trust.

We believe the Learning Community Trust to be an ideal partner for us as we have a similar vision and values for providing the highest quality of education for the community in this part of Telford.


To focus, across our schools, on excellence by achieving the best possible educational outcomes for our children and students by engaging and inspiring them, building their resilience and preparing them for work and adult life.

  • To drive a collaborative culture across our schools which drives and supports improvement and develops all of our staff as leading professionals.

  • To provide the highest levels of care and support for our children so they can succeed, including those that are the most disadvantaged, vulnerable or with special needs in our community.

  • To ensure our schools are at the heart of the community they serve and are truly inclusive 

  • organisations with equality for all across our community.

  • To engage positively with our families and wider community, building partnerships and programmes that develop opportunities beyond the school sector.

LCT Vision: 

“To provide an outstanding education for all of our children and young people that prepares them to be successful in all they do”

LCT Values: 

  • Advancing Schools

  • Inspiring Learners

  • Transforming Communities


“Leaders have successfully developed an ethos of care and community at Charlton and discrimination is not tolerated. A spirit of openness, integrity and honesty pervades the school.” 

(Ofsted 2015)