House Information

House Information

At Charlton we continue to ensure that students get the very best opportunities within school. We are extremely proud of the achievements they make and recognise the efforts put into all they do; many going above and beyond to support others.

A significant number of opportunities are organised around our House structure, which allows us to use the school’s rewards system to acknowledge and celebrate individual and group success and efforts.  Over recent times, we have restructured the House system following work by the School Council and adjusted the student leadership model to further enhance the work undertaken.

At this time, having considered how we can further develop this work, we have made the decision to change the staffing structure, to ensure that key staff work in support of Student Leaders to maximise the structures in place.  Currently, each student is supported by a Senior Tutor and Pastoral Manager who work with Form Tutors in a specific year group.  Mrs Davies is our House Co-ordinator who supports activities across all years.  Our intention is to adjust this model to one where tutors in a specific year group will still  work with their Pastoral Manager, with Senior Tutors moving to a Head of House role (working alongside Mrs Davies), taking a lead for each house across all years, this change is shown in the diagram below:

Current Model:


New Model:

Our aim is to ensure that all students and families continue to be supported in school, and to further strengthen the House model.  In September, Pastoral Managers and Form Tutors will move through to the following year group with their current group, with the Heads of House supporting their identified tutor groups.  Any updates to staffing will be communicated next half term.

Alongside their Head of House role, each of the Heads of House will have a whole school responsibility as outlined below:

Mr Lappin: Work Related Learning (including Work Experience), Business and Enterprise

Miss Tattersall: Careers and Post 16 Pathways (including Information, Advice and Guidance)

Mr Redman: Student Voice and Student Engagement

Miss Wills: Health and Wellbeing

Mr Simms: Year 6 to 7 Transition

Over the next half term, we will be finalising arrangements to ensure that the model is fully in place for September, and look forward to further exciting developments in school.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.