Health, Well being & PSHE

Health, Well being & PSHE

We want all children and young people to be able to learn about health and wellbeing to ensure they acquire skills to live healthy, happy lives.
Health and wellbeing isn't a single subject or class, but is organised into six areas: mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing; planning for choices and changes; physical education, physical activity and sport; food and health; substance misuse; and relationships, sexual health and parenthood.
Health and wellbeing is also about ensuring that pupils are able to make the most of their educational opportunities regardless of their background or financial circumstances and through promotion of attendance at school.

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Outside Agencies 

At Charlton School we feel that each child deserves the best support available to them, we have strong connections with outside agencies within the Shropshire area which have proven beneficial to our young people, here are some of the providers we use:




Further Support

If you would like further information on how Health and Well Being is managed at Charlton School, Please contact Head of Elm House,