Charlton School

School of Rock

Tickets on sale from Monday the 13th January

Rehearsals have been going very well and tickets for the production will be on sale from Monday the 13th January and will be available to purchase through our Finance Department. They are priced at £3 for concessions (Under 16, Students and OAP’s) and £3.50 for adults.


I have written a list of the rehearsals so you can work with us to ensure your child is as prepared as they can be for the production. If they are unable to attend a session, please can you email me directly, so that I can plan around their absence.  Please ensure your child attends the following rehearsals, wherever possible, in the lead up to the performances.


Rehearsal and performance dates and times


  • Monday 14th October 00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 17th October 3.00-5pm (Theo, Doug, Bob, Dewey, Snake, emo girl, Ned, Patty, Rosalie, Stanley)
  • Monday 21st October 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 24th October 3.00-5pm (Dewey, Parents, Children, Rosalie)


  • Monday 4th November 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 7th November 3.00-5pm (Ned, Dewey, Patty)
  • Monday 11th November 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 14th November 3.00-5pm (All Teachers)
  • Monday 18th November 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 21st November 3.00-5pm (All kids and Dewey)
  • Monday 25th November 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 28th November 3.00-5pm (Rosalie and Dewey)
  • Monday 2nd December 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 5th December 3.00-5pm (All kids and Dewey)
  • Monday 9th December 3.00-4pm (All cast)
  • Thursday 12th December 3.00-5pm (All teachers and Dewey)
  • Monday 16th December 3.00-4pm (all cast)
  • Thursday 19th December 3.00-4pm (all cast)

In addition to the rehearsals displayed above, there are also sessions on Wednesday for dancers only (from 3.00-4.00pm) and Friday lunchtime rehearsals for principle cast in the Music room (MU1). Another letter with a list of rehearsal dates will be given to students on Thursday 19th December.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support so far with the production. I realise it is a huge commitment from both students and parents and am aware of the effort and organisation from parents that goes into ensuring students attend rehearsals. We look forward to sharing the performances with you.